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Quebec Yellow Pine

Photo by Hailey Toft licensed CC BY 2.0

Quebec Yellow Pine is sometimes referred to as Eastern White Pine or Weymouth pine, and is native of North America.

It is a very stable timber and much lighter and softer than comparative redwoods. The timber works very easily by hand and with machining tools. It finishes very well and is particularly suited to pattern making and furniture manufacturing.

Pine trees have needles, not leaves, they also drop lots of pine cones. Pine trees are the third most common tree in Canada.

Both softwoods and hardwoods offer a diverse range of options for different applications from construction to carpentry and there is always a suitable choice.

Quebec Yellow Pine colour & texture

The heartwood is a pale straw colour to light reddish-brown shade, usually little darker than the whitish sapwood. It is a soft, straight-grained and very even textured wood with inconspicuous growth rings. This is a highly stable timber with very low shrinkage, although it can pick up and give off moisture.